I wish to get a refund on my purchase

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The refund of an order can only be made by the seller. Alma only manages the payment process and has no visibility over shipments or order returns.

Therefore, if you wish to obtain a refund for your purchase, you must first contact the merchant through their customer service department. The seller's contact details are generally indicated in the emails received from Alma and the merchant.


In the event of a refund, any installments already paid will be refunded to the bank card used for the purchase, and any installments not yet paid will be cancelled.

Once the seller has initiated the refund of your purchase, you will receive the corresponding funds on your bank card within a few days. Please note that depending on the bank, it can take up to ten days for the refund to appear in your account.

If you still haven't heard back from the merchant after a few days, you can contact us (we usually respond from Monday to Saturday within a few hours). To ensure you receive the quickest possible response, please include the following details: the email address and telephone number used when you made your purchase, the amount and date of the transaction. We can then help you contact the merchant.

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