Why was my request for payment in installments with Alma refused ?

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Alma does not accept 100% of financing requests. In order for your request to be validated, it is necessary that you meet all our eligibility requirements.

Below are some of the elements that must be respected :

  • The amount of your purchase must be within a price range determined by the retailer you are buying from. This range is usually indicated on the seller's website, or in their store. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact the company ;
  • You must be of age ;
  • Your personal information must be complete: first name, last name, email address and mobile phone number ;
  • You must have registered a valid credit card ;
  • Your credit card must be from a country that we and the company accept. For more information, please contact them ;
  • Your credit card must not be a prepaid card. 

What happens if I meet all these conditions?

It is possible that you meet all of these conditions and that we may nevertheless refuse your application, without being able to tell you the reasons.

This is because we keep some of our acceptance criteria confidential, as permitted by law.


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